What are Wool Throw Blankets?

Wool throw blankets are smaller than the standard size of a rug, usually, they are 3/5 feet. Before buying the product, you should check its size on the packaging, as they have a variable size range, so you should be aware of the product you are buying. With a variation in size, they vary in mattress as well as it could be a cashmere throw, merino throw, angora throw, baby alpaca throw, etc.

They are used to wrap/drape over armchairs, couches to provide the warmth to you while you are sitting on one. Like any other product, they too are available in a wide range. Hence, for consumers, it becomes a difficult task to select the best fit for their house. In this wide variety, we will tell you about some specific, ultrawarm throw blankets of 2020.

Top Ultra-warm wool throw blankets?

Qiviut – It is the fiber made of the inner wool of the muskox. The muskox usually has a two-layered coat on its body. The above one is thicker and longer, while the inner one is soft, durable, and warmer. The inner layer is used to make Qiviut; due to their extraordinary ultra warming properties, these throws are available at high prices. But it’s insulating properties, lightweight and soft texture always worth the amount you spend.

Faux fur throws – They are also known as fake fur, specifically designed to provide you animal warmth. Its popularity is increasing day-by-day because of its animal-friendly processing, which can be used as an alternative to original animal fibers. If you are an animal lover and looking for other options(at the place of animal fibers), this is made for you.

Velvet throws – These are entirely made from silk in which threads are evenly distributed. They are famous for their softness, coziness, and smooth properties. They are usually available at high Market prices, while their price range can vary according to the type of velvet used in the making.

Yak wool throws – As the name suggests, this is an animal fiber produced from the yak’s coat hairs. It is famous for its odor resistance, soft texture, and insulating properties. This fiber has different types, which make a variation in its price as well. It has three kinds The course (used in the tent-making by nomads), the mid-type (usually used for rope making), and the last type is the down fiber, which is the finest in all three categories ( used in the fashion industry).

Cashmere throws – These are animal fibers that are derived from pashmina goats, cashmere goats, and some other breeds of goats. It is known for its firm, warm, cozy, and soft texture. It is one of the widely used wool types in the fashion industry. It’s less sustainable than other types of wool because products made out of it require extra care.

Baby Alpaca throws – The products made of Baby Alpaca wool are soft, superfine, silky, light, and seven times warmer than sheep wool products. They are usually made with the most delicate part of an animal.

Mohair throws – These are derived from hair of an Angora goat. They are most in-demand due to their unique properties like durability, fire resistance, lightweight, and elasticity.

If a product is made of pure woolen mentioned above, it can cost you a considerable amount and should be handled with care. But at market places, there are products available with the touch of these woolen types that contains a specific amount of pure woolen (like 10% – 60%). Therefore, one can refer to those instead.

Products you can look for?

1. Chic Home Elana shaggy faux fur throw – It is one of the most expensive and warm faux fur available in India. It is made of premium quality and provides classic color variation, which makes it a perfect fit for home decor.

2. ChezMax Pure Cotton Bohemian Style Woven Couch Throw – If you are a cotton lover, then this product is where your search ends. It is made of pure cotton, and available in different colors & sizes depicting bohemian design with attractive finishing work.

3. RajRang Large Rustic Cotton Throw – Is one of the best cotton throws available in the Indian market. Its color contrast and size make it a multi-purpose throw that can be used at home and outside. It is popular in the Indian market because of its attractive and trendy look, which will keep you warm in cold winters and add colors to your room.

How to select the best throw the blanket?

Material – It is one of the most important aspects because many people are allergic to different fabrics. Therefore, you should consider one with your comfort zone, which is made of good quality, with good insulating properties.

Color – Color selection should be based on your home decor, like if you have classical home decor than dark color will be a perfect match for your home. If we talk in terms of color, if you have bright colors in your house, they should select throws of bright colors to add an attractive look to your home.

Maintainable – Many products in the market should be handled with care. Therefore, you should prefer a throw which is easy to maintain and won’t cost you every month.

Throw type – In the market, there are two basic types available: single-sided and reversible throws. A reversible throw is comparatively thicker and warmer than the single-sided throw type. So you should select your product accordingly, as double-sided can cost you a higher amount.

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