Best Rechargeable AA Batteries For 2020


Panasonic is one of India’s most prominent brands dealing with electronics it has been trusted with Indian audience for a while now and is rated very highly on this list.

These batteries are considered number one in this list and have received many awards for their design and long life, including 2016 gold design awards.

The designing section is designed in Japan by professionals who have given it an exquisite and minimal approach to the design.

These high-capacity batteries can be recycled or recharged, which makes them very useful for nature as well.

These batteries are handy for wireless devices such as a mouse, keyboard, flashlights, watch, and gaming consoles. On a test, it is said that Eneloop batteries can be charged up to 2100 times. Which makes them suitable for households.

These batteries are covered with a conductive surface and a superior nickel-metal hydride, which improves life and allows the battery to stay with you for a long time. These batteries can be recharged quickly and are user-friendly.

Along with a great design and user-friendly, these batteries perform good on your devices and have sold more than 500 million pieces. The average lifespan of these batteries is up to 30 years. Unlike many batteries, they do work in heat or high-temperature between 20° Celsius to 50° Celsius.


Duracell is a standalone brand for batteries and has been in the industry for a while now; it has a perfect fan base and customer support in India related to cells.

Duracell rechargeable AA batteries make it to the list not only because of the brand but also because of the things you get. It is rated very highly and is considered by most of the audience. It has a 2500 mAh capacity, which is pretty good for a portable battery. The company also stated that they could charge up to 12 months when not in use, and you do get a five-year guarantee that these will last up.

They come precharged with means when you get the box; you can directly use them on your mouse, keyboard, or any other device using a battery. The NIMH charger supports them.

They are ranked number 2 on the camera section as they are best suited for your camera devices. On the pricing section, they are priced very reasonably.


Amazon’s sub-brand Amazon basics deal with many products related to the household section and Are rated very nicely by customers. Amazon basics are pretty cheap as compare to others in the same category.

Presenting to you is the Amazon basics AA rechargeable batteries. They are built very nicely, keeping the minimalism in mind. These batteries take advantage of cutting-edge low self-discharge technology that is one of the perks of this being high-quality and potent, reliable batteries.

These batteries are pre recharged, which means you can use them as soon as you get them. These batteries are made for the cold environment, which means they can work even at high snow environment and are best suited for ski resorts and winter activities.

In the design section, they give you a matte finish, and they are designed very nicely and built very solidly.

These batteries will stay charged for years due to their low self-discharge technology, which will keep them running for a long time when not in use. They can be accused of NIMH chargers and be used again and again. They are also best suited for high drain devices, which takes up a lot of energy, such as electric toothbrushes, flashlights, or a digital camera.


Envie is dealing with, and NIMH charges for a while now, and they are back with AA rechargeable batteries of their own. Envy is trusted by most of the Indians and is rated very high due to its low price and good support.

They do support fast charging and can be rapidly charged and used often and efficiently. On the design part, these batteries are designed very aesthetically and energetically but not as compare to others on the list as it backs up a little on the material section.

They also support no memory effect, which means they can be charged thousands of times without losing any battery capacity.


The smart cell is a local brand made in India and made for India; these batteries are very reasonable compared to any other on this list and price deficient compared to others. Still, they do have only 800 MAH capacity.

In the design section, they are made very present, and on the material side, they are not that great compared to others.


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