What is Merino Wool?

It is environment friendly as it degrades within 12 months in the ground and provides ultimate UV rays protection, as wool is a natural UV barrier.

From its name, it appears that it may be a winter product, but the most impressive thing is Merino products are the best, and most comfortable products you can carry in summers. Still, if you want to know why a person should prefer Merino wool products for summers, then there is a list of never-ending benefits.

But I can mention a few of the reasons-

1. Quick-drying – Yes, you read it right, you don’t have to wait for hours for your clothes to dry, as they release water quickly and hardly takes 10-15 minutes to become completely dry.

2. Wrinkle resistance – Their elastic properties make them extremely wrinkle resistant, which ultimately reduces your burden of ironing clothes. You can make several folds of it and still would not be wrinkled due to its coiled spring form fiber, which returns to its original position, no matter how much you stretch it.

3. Durability – Merino clothes are six times stronger than most trendy cotton clothes, making it an underrated product. They would not get torn easily and hence can be used for an extended period.

4. UV resistant – Merino is a natural Ultraviolet rays barrier. Hence, it protects us from harmful radiations, which imply if you are wearing a Merino wool product, then there is no need to put layers of screen.

5. Non-allergic – Merino is a natural and soft product. It is liked most by skin sensitive people, as there are no complaints that have been recorded yet, which can imply that this product leads to skin allergies.

6. Environment friendly – Merino products are renewable, biodegradable, and do not lead to environmental pollution, making them eco- friendly. So if you are an economist or an environment lover, these products will impress you with its mind-blowing characteristics.

7. Durability – Its quality is good and long-lasting. Therefore, you can use it for several seasons, and they will still look like newly bought.

8. Keeps you fresh – This is not an air conditioner or an ice cube maker, but with its cooling properties, it can help you fight with summers.

9. Odor-resistant – Not only does it absorb your sweat but can also trap smell produced by bacteria and avoid further building up. Hence you can carry Merino wool clothes for a more extended period without worrying about body smell.

Merino wool products are available in a wide range like socks, t-shirts, suits, boxers, pants, etc. If you are too lazy to wash your clothes, Merino wool products are ultimate alternatives for you as they dry up quickly and do not require hard work while cleaning due to their fast water releasing properties. After knowing about its features, the question arises where we can find the best Merino wool products.

Top 5 brands you can prefer for Merino Wool products.

1. Decathlon – It is the largest retailer for sports items in the world. You can find a wide range of Merino wool products with variation in size, color, design, etc.

2. Reebok – Reebok provides all types of clothing products so that you can prefer it for Merino items. Reebok products are of good quality and are always a perfect fit for every body type. Therefore, if you want to flatter your body type in this unusual clothing type, you can visit Reebok showroom for a better experience.

3. Puma – Puma to offers sports items, and hence you can easily find your summer product here. Here you can find variety in colors, designs, etc. which will make your shopping exciting and a bit time consuming as well.

4. Nike – This is one of the most popular sports clothing brands in India. The products you will find here will be of good quality too, at a fantastic price range.

5. Adidas – As like the brands mentioned above, this too is a trending brand in Indian youngsters. This brand never fails to impress its consumers with its incredible designs and variety.

With all this information, you can flaunt your “know your product” skills in front of your friends and be the center of attraction by becoming an environment, friendly buyer.

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