Philips ac1215 is the most used air filters in India and has won many awards for its design. Its customer service and five years of warranty have scored very high in this category.

It uses vital shield deep purification, which senses air quality and gives effective filtration. It purifies a standard room in just 12 minutes due to its cadr technology. It does come with a layer filtration process, which includes pre-filter, activated carbon filter & double layered h13 grade right HEPA filter. Its blinking light gives us immediate and visible real-time air quality feedback.

It cleans 90% of essential bacteria, including h1n1 virus w. It also cleans out house dust as it is ozone free and does natural filtration. It is quite safe too. It can effectively remove ultra-fine particles up to 0.02um.

Philips ac1215 filters out harmful gases such as formaldehyde and VOC. The extra thick nano protects HEPA is designed for the best, making it one of the best standalone air filters out there.


Dyson is one of the premium range of air purifiers on the globe and has a very luxurious feel and material textures to it with excellent customer feedback.

Its air multiplier technology and oscillation of the feature can powerfully project and circulate purified air throughout the room. It can be used for large spaces as well due to its dual functionality with fan feature. It has a lower face velocity, unlike some other purifiers.

Its 360° glass HEPA filter & tris-coated activated carbon filter can reach out to places in large areas. The h-13 glass HEPA filter is pleated over 200 times and densely packed with borosilicate microfibres, which makes them safer and premium.

Everything is now linked to your mobile devices. So is the Dyson pure cooling link tower, you can connect the purifier with mobile devices by using their application, which can tell you details of its cleaning, the time for charging, and it does include a timer as well.


Sharp has sold eight crore products worldwide, equipped with plasma cluster technology, and has been known to provide only original products with advanced Japanese technologies.

Sharp air the purifier is made for both homes and offices, and it does a pretty good job out there, but it is limited to a small area. The sharp air purifier works on dual purification mode. This indoor air purifier has inbuilt plasma cluster technology certified by 31 global labs and a combination of three passive filters.

The sharp air purifier is designed in Japan and has a minimal feel to it; it is used by most of the houses in Japan and is reviewed highly on their list. It is designed perfectly for a bedroom and does not stand out. Sharp air purifier offers the highest-grade materials made of abs to ensure safety for the users. It has a particular haze function for Indian conditions.


Cowey is a big brand in Korea which has now made it to the Indian market, cowey has excellent customer service, as well as they, provide a good range of products

Cowey sleek pro-ap-1009 is one of the most reasonable purifiers out there, and it does a pretty good job too. It comes with green anti-flu HEPA technology, which does a decent job of cleaning the air around it.

In design terms, it has won many awards, including the RedDot designs award, which is one of the best prices. It is also designed with premium the finish which makes it stand out of the list.

On the technology side it includes three unique air filtration processes- pre-filter, patented urethane carbon filter (to deodorize the air), multi-layered anti-flu green HEPA filter which makes the air clean and germ-free quickly, it does come with four airspeed adjustments which make it handy to use.

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